Sunday, July 30, 2006

someday tivos shall take over the world...

...and us humans will be forced to watch hours upon hours of 8 Simple Rules.

I have a lot to tell you about BlogHer but right now it's after midnight and I have to be for a March of Dimes Golf Tournament at 6am. So instead of telling you about the people I met, or the interesting topics I heard discussions about, or the pretty necklace I bought, I think I'll tell you all about how my tivo is conspiring against me.

Lately the damn thing has insisted that I watch 8 Simple Rules. Why? I don't know. I think it hates me, I mean there is no other reason it would record this everyday, no matter what I tell it. I would love to know how tivo logic works "Oh, she's got a season pass to Project Runway she would loooove 8 Simple Rules!!" "The man-child of the house has a season pass to Stargate he simply must watch 8 Simple Rules, it'll change his life."

I have now started to obsessively fret over the fact that the tivo records so many episodes of 8 Simple Rules. I worry it might choose to delete something worthwhile to keep as many episodes of its favorite show as possible. I'm going to start making ceremonial sacrifices to it, begging it to hold onto yesterday's Gilmore Girls just one more day so I have the chance to watch it. Perhaps a virgin shall make the tivo rethink its recording agenda.

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