Sunday, August 20, 2006

drunk on Taboo

Last night was a wonderful dessert party at Joe and Miranda's apartment to celebrate Jason and my's elopement. We had a great time hanging out with friends, eating tons of cake, and drinking lots of champagne. And of course we played my favorite party game: Taboo.

If you've never played Taboo, you're really missing out. And if you've never played Taboo with me then you're seriously missing out. When I play Taboo all of my common sense, dignity, and volume control go right out the window. Jason even stated very matter of fact-ly "You are drunk" a couple of times but I wasn't, I was just playing Taboo.

My favorite guess from last night's game was this (and let me apologize now to the easily offended):

"I hate when you come up behind me and do this!"
"donkey punch!"

I can't believe my guess was not correct.


  1. Okay, now THAT'S funny.

    Drew and I made the mistake of pairing up against my little sister and our friend, who had never met before in their lives. When we started to realize that we were annihilating them, we switched.

  2. I take it you've heard the story about Jason and I playing against Lauren in Brigette in our apartment so many years ago. If not, ask Lauren... she tells the story so much better than I can.

  3. That should have been "...Lauren AND Brigette...". It was not meant to imply that Lauren, Jason, and I were playing Taboo within Brigette's chest cavity, while she lay sprawled in our apartment.

  4. This is the sluts story, correct?

  5. Taboo is good stuff when teamed with the Crack Monkey. Hilarity ensues with questions like "What am I?" or clues like "Fried chicken and watermelon".