Tuesday, August 29, 2006

food is the great comforter

A friend of mine, Mr. Mike Schleifstein, is doing a 24 posts in 24 hours, blogging marathon today to honor the Katrina-nniversary.

In one of his many posts Mike talks about the Katrina diet and how many people lost weight during the past year. I so wish someone had told me about this Katrina diet because it sounds so much better than what I did over the past year, which was gain weight, and then gain some more weight.

While camped out at our friends' apartment in Houston there wasn't much for jparks and I to do besides eat. The levees broke? Hand me another pop-tart. The roof is coming off the Superdome? I'm going to need another piece of cake. Looting? All over the city? At hospitals where I have friends stuck? And the looters have guns? I'm going to need another full meal. With some extra dessert. And maybe a milkshake to wash it all down.

Once we moved to Austin I started a baking phase. "My life isn't that bad, see I made cupcakes! 4,595,861 cupcakes! And now I'm going to eat all of them!"

Thankfully I'm busy enough now that I don't have time to cook or bake. And I'm working out pretty frequently. Hopefully I'll be back to my Pre-Katrina weight by the second anniversary.


  1. I don't know about any diet, but I do know about the "Two Month Katrina Plan to Make You Completely Bald."

    Yeeeah. I'm sure my aunt had fun cleaning all the hair I was losing up off her floor.

  2. I gained about 10 pounds after Katrina. I had evacuees that kept wanting to buy me food, what I was I gonna say, no? I also had a great big Italian guy staying with me who happens to be an AWESOME cook. Like gaining weight was hard.