Tuesday, August 8, 2006

live long and prosper, together in holy matrimony

Apparently my sarcasm here in the comments section was lost on a few people. couch cough Drew cough cough So just to set the record straight:

Jason and I were not, repeat were not married at the Star Trek Experience. The ceremony was not performed in Klingon and Spock was not my Maid of Honor. (But he would make a good Maid of Honor you know. He could get through the toasts without getting all weepy, and could do the Vulcan mind melt thing on the groom if he gets cold feet.)

I'm sorry I got your hopes up Drew. Apparently my sarcasm font was not quite working that day.


  1. I have to admit, even I questioned if y'all chose to have a galactic wedding... to each his own, you know! ;)

    ...although I am relieved to know for 100% sure you didn't...

  2. I don't know you well enough to recognize your "sarcasm font" :p

    But it would have made more sense if Jason had wanted to get married at a Warlords tournament.

  3. okay so I just got your letter thingy there and let me just say I hate you. Rebecca and I were there at that time and you said nothing.. even after the fact. So much for hanging out with friends.. I see how you wanna be.

    In all seriousness Congrats, I'm happy for you two.

  4. you were on your honeymoon! You're not supposed to hang out with firends on your honeymoon, you're supposed to be in a hotel room doing dirty things to your new spouse!