Wednesday, August 30, 2006

loosen your purse strings

Come on people, it's around payday and I know you can spare a few bucks for breast cancer. If you cough the money up now you probably won't even miss it. I know you can spare $25 or $10 or $300, if you want to be a big spender. Come on folks, don't let me down! Click here and save boobs with me.

Update: Yay for Whitney, Miranda, and Laurette (my mother in law) (how weird is that? I have a mother in law!) for helping me save boobs! Boo to my own mom, come on! Cough up some money!

2nd Update: And now yay for Kathy as well!


  1. Sorry, but I'm saving every penny for my planned unemployment.

    P.S. I'm required to give to a lot of different things thru the hospital so I'm not really a tight wad.

  2. Sayng "son in law" has become a piece a cake, so when I was talking about you and your fund raising today at work and said "daughter -in-law" , it kind of took a few seconds to roll it off my tongue. But only a few, because the next time I said daughter in law, it came out with PRIDE!!!

  3. I love boobs! Save the boobs!

  4. This selection of comments could not be any more bizarre