Friday, August 18, 2006

not a good sign

This morning upon compellation of brushing my teeth, instead of leaning over to spit out the toothpaste I simply opened my mouth and allowed the toothpaste to drip all over my face and down the front of my shirt. Why? I have no idea. It was like all of a sudden I forgot how to brush my teeth. Or how to lean over and spit. Or how to function as a human. I had to change shirts and wash my face, and after that take a moment to absorb just how idiotic the whole situation was.

I hope this is not an indication about how my weekend will be. If it is, I probably should just stay in bed, away from toothpaste.


  1. As sick as it is, I couldn't help literally "LOL"ing at this one.

    I think it was the mental image that did it...

  2. i know i'm late on this one, but i had to comment anyway. one of my favorite posts ever.