Monday, August 14, 2006

still without audio enhancements

I might have been lying when I said I was going to post me saying my own name to clarify. Jason can't make the recording work and get it to link onto my blog. This is very sad because I was planning on saying "milk" too, which apparently I say really funny and weird-like. But I don't hear the difference between my milk and the rest of the world's milk.

This morning I was very grown up and I made oatmeal and coffee for breakfast. Then I sat down to eat my hearty breakfast. Not only did I eat my hearty breakfast but I did it at the table! Like a true human! It was incredible. I think I'm going to try this routine again because I wasn't hungry thanks to the oatmeal and I was caffinated before I got to the office. Sweet. I think I might even try to do one of my 15 minute work out dvds as well tomorrow morning. Wow, I can't believe I might become a morning person. That makes me want to vomit.

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  1. I think eating at the table is just what married people do. It's weird. Since we got married we eat breakfast and dinner at the table. Oh, I found a picture from our last summer at camp and it was of you holding up the wedding dress that Spaz made for you, right before we went and almost got kicked out of walmart all dressed up in our Miss CWP we were hot.