Thursday, August 31, 2006

we're going away this weekend

jparks: "damn, I'm not going to see SciFi Friday until Monday. Stupid vacation"

me: "awww no, dammit how shall we survive the weekend without watching SciFi Friday?"

jparks: "what?"

me: "I mean, there are no words to describe how upset I am about missing SciFi Friday. I'm heart-broken. No, devastated. We might have to cancel the trip."

jparks: "Are you making fun of me?"

me: "No, seriously, can we get our deposit back for the inn? No SciFi Friday, I'm so distressed, I can't express it. I know! I'll get Panic! at the Disco to write a very emo song about this situation. Only they can truly express how I feel."

jparks: "you are so annoying"

Mission accomplished!


  1. Whoops. My previous post had something else in it that turned out to look just like an HTML comment. My whitty humor is lost forever. Oh well.

  2. hey if you're going up north, make sure to avoid the bay bridge...they're closing that over the long weekend!

  3. Those shows are awful. AWFUL.

    The only good show on SciFi is Ghost Hunters.

  4. I feel his pain. I forgot to TiVo (sounds better than saying DVR) sci-fi Friday.