Saturday, August 5, 2006

who knew hair cutting was rocket science

Friday afternoon I went and got a haircut. It's the Worst Hair Cut Ever™ and the woman that gave it to me should have her hair cut by a blind 5 year old that has never touched scissors before because that's the only way her hair might look as bad as mine does right this very moment.

Why does it look so bad? There are many reasons, including it looks nothing like the picture I showed her. Unless I accidently showed her a picture of a person that had just been in a brawl with a jaguar and the jaguar won. But I don't think I showed her that picture. That's typically the picture I bring with me to the vet's office any time Tangi needs a check up. It helps remind the vet exactly what they are dealing with.

The thing I'm most upset about was when she picked up a piece of hair along the crown of my head and held it straight up. I thought she was going to even out the ends, but was I wrong. Really really wrong. She snipped that piece of hair about half an inch away from my scalp. In one stupid snip of the scissors I became Ed Grimley.

So now I have to schlack my lovely cow lick with gel to make it kinda, sorta, lay down. I've already placed a call to the salon manager to complain. And so help me, if she chooses to not call me back there will really be hell to pay.


  1. It'll be okay. I've always loved Ed Grimley. And there's always hats.

  2. Dammit, why didn't I keep all of those awful hats I wore in middle school? They would be perfect right now.

    The salon manager did call me back and they are refunding my money and she is going to see about redoing the shape (which was really wrong too) so it's more acceptable. I guess no heads will roll today.

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