Sunday, September 17, 2006

rotten apple

I know I'm late on the new iTunes 7 hating bandwagon but my complaint is different than most folks'.

On the 12th Apple released a grand new iTunes and I went ahead and downloaded it. At first I thought it was okay and I could live with the changes. I even downloaded some new songs to celebrate (okay, I was going to download then even if a new iTunes wasn't released, but whatever). The next day when I plugged in my iPod to update, something went wonky. It continued to update for 30 minutes. And when I tried to eject the iPod, iTunes refused to let it go. I had to manually quit iTunes to break the grasp it had on my poor little iPod.

Jump to the next day when jparks starts investigated what's up with iTunes. It turns out that some how, when iTunes updated, it lost a bunch of my songs. Or it had them but couldn't locate them. I'm not really sure, but if you really want to know, jparks can explain it to you. And (here's the heartbreaking part of this tale) the only thing jparks could figure out to do was move my whole library off iTunes onto the computer's desktop and then move them back to iTunes. And this was going to cause me to lose my playlists, my perfectly constructed, time consuming to create playlists!

So here it is, five days since iTunes was updated and I'm still fixing my library and playlists. I am very upset with Apple. Damn it Apple, now when I see your witty little "Hi, I'm a Mac" commercials I won't be so quick to laugh at them. You have created a little black spot in my heart of love for you.


  1. That sucks. I'm sorry. We lost a bunch of our playlists last year, but due to cat feet instead of software glitches. Solution: password-protected screen saver on the iMac.

    [Did Jason save a copy of the iTunes Music Library XML file in your account? All the playlist information is stored in there, and it might be possible to re-integrate that information with your new (old) Library.]

  2. I guess it's a good thing I keep telling it "No no no no no no!" when it asks me to update, haha.

    My consolations for your loss(es).

  3. I hate Apple. I hate Steve Jobs. I hate the iPod. Now, I have a reason to hate iTunes.

  4. wow, Kathy I didn't mean to release such anger for Apple onto the world.

  5. and Dan, Jason says he didn't save a copy because he didn't think iTunes was going to destroy the library. At least we now know for the next upgrade.

  6. Ouch =(

    I've always wondered why the iTunes database is so centralized. Seems vulnerable to this sort of thing. Maybe Time Machine™ will help with this next year, but in the meantime, here's what I do (because I'm paranoid like that):

    All of my playlists are Smart. The comment fields in my songs are chock full of gibberish keywords purely so my Smart Playlists can scour through and associate them together. This way, even if (or when) the database konks out, playlists can be reconstructed from the songs' metadata.

    I know, small comfort. I'll spank iTunes for you when I get to work tomorrow. With a belt.

  7. Did you see Blurbomat's posting about iTunes?