Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Santa Cruz Sunday

Sunday I took a trip to Santa Cruz with the girls to get some shoe shopping done see the delightful beach town I had heard so much about.

Well, I've got to say Lauren and Ewa weren't so thrilled with Santa Cruz, but I was really won over by the town. The downtown area was cute, with a locally owned bookstore that made me swoon, and enough shoe stores to make my head feel disconnected from my body. wedges, and sandals, and mary janes, oh my.

Whitney tried on a pair of 14 eyelet Doc Martins that I really wanted her to get. They were just so awesome and if I bought them jparks would have divorced me, so having a friend own them is almost as satifying as having them myself. Alas, she didn't get them, so they are still up for grabs.

After shopping we went to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. I must admit, this I was skeptical of, but once there I actually had quite a bit of fun. I mean, how can you not have fun while eating an ice cream cone and enjoying the incredible busy feeling on a beach boardwalk? We even rode a ride, the EZ Glider, which was just a perfect fit for the laid back day we were having.


Look ma, there were sailboats not far off the shore of the beach.

I must say, Santa Cruz won me over. I would consider going back, especially when I am in need of more shoes. Or an ice cream cone. Or if I should ever completly lose my mind and want to put on a bathing suit and hang out on a beach.


  1. Cool. That boat does look sort of close to shore.

  2. Wedges forever!!!

    Yes, Santa Cruz rules for shopping!!! I love how you can start on one end of the main drag with the resale shops and vintage clothing stores, work your way through the regular-folk restaurants and shops and end up at the other end with the pricey boutiques.