Tuesday, September 12, 2006

ugly shirts have feelings too

Last night I almost bought the ugliest shirt ever. This shirt screamed ugly so loudly that other shoppers' ear drums were bleeding just walking by it. But me, I saw this blue and orange plaid shirt and thought "I don't own enough bedazzled shirts, I should buy this one." (did I mention it was bedazzled? And embroidered? Yeah, it was the trifecta of ugly)

The only reason this poor shirt didn't come home with me is because I couldn't subject it to the ridicule jparks would have given it. And it was $35, which I can't pay for a Target shirt. $35 is too much, it just seems unnatural.

You know you want to see this shirt. You're having a hard time picturing plaid and jewels and floral embroidery. Okay, calm down, here's a picture:
For the blog

Don't you just want to puke, but then hug it and tell it that everything will be all right? I'm pretty sure that the model wearing the shirt is holding an airplane sickness bag in her hand because she has that exact puke/love feeling going on.

Ugly shirt, just know I am very sorry I couldn't give you a home, but I'm sure someone else did and you'll love it there.


  1. I have much love and affection for this ugly shirt. Though I think it may be like the orange crocs I once bought. I would bring it home and love it, but ultimately return it because I couldn't wear it out of the house.

  2. Have to share:


  3. wow, Kathy, those are some shoes. I think we have found my shirt's long lost best friend.

  4. It looks like something an over-eccentric middle school teacher would wear.

    You know, I mean that in a nice way, really. Because you're a young, hip, hot fashionista and not an over-eccentric middle school teacher.

    Have I dug myself out of the hole yet?

  5. Sara, give me a little bit to figure out how to block you from commenting EVER AGAIN, and after that I'll let you know if you've dug out of that hole.

  6. I think you can pull off the shirt. It's all in how you rock it! Jparks can't laugh at anyone for poor fashion choices, anyway.

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