Thursday, October 5, 2006

excuse me while I buy your friendship

Earlier this week I received a request to support my nephew's school by purchasing a magazine subscription. Now we know I love getting magazines but if I get one more subscription the mailman is going to stop delivering to my apartment. So I have deal for you dear readers.

If you have a blog or some other form of a website and post a link to my blog then you will be entered into a drawing for a magazine subscription. The winner will be randomly selected from all entries. You can pick from a big long list of titles and I'll send you the subscription for a year, simple as that. I would prefer that the link on your site be kinda permanent, like in a blogroll, but if you want to slap it in a post encouraging folks to read about me then I'll take that too. If you already have a link to me, that counts for an entry too.

To enter, simply leave a comment or email me with a link to your link. The link must be posted by October 9th, 10pm my time. You have 4 days to accomplish this task, so hop to it.

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