Sunday, October 8, 2006

fat calves + cute boots = sad me

I recently ordered these boots:
When they arrived they looked great in the box, great on my floor, and absolutely horrid on my leg. They were too small for my big calf and would only zip if I were wiling to catch of sizable chunk of flesh in the zipper.

I don't know why I thought these boots would be different. I should know better by now than to get my heart set on a pair of boots before ever trying them on. These boots were made for women with tiny toothpick legs that would crumple under my weight. These boots are not made for girls with fat calves that do not slim down no matter what because god cursed me with legs built like my father's.

On Monday I'm sending the cute boots back to Online Shoes. On Tuesday I'm going to start researching exercises to slim down my calves. There must be something I can do to finally overcome my affliction. I've never wanted liposuction before, but I might consider it now.

Ack! Let the record show I had this post up before Oh My That's Awesome raved about these boots. Also, please note I paid less than that for them. And please note, again, these people did not hire me. I think they are prejudice against people with fat calves.


  1. Chat w/ Kathy about this one. She had the same problem and finally found some super cute black boots that fit her really well.

  2. I don't think it's us. I think it's the boots. Bastards.

    Try Nordstrom. I did get some cool boots with extra-roomy calves.

    I really didn't think I had exceptionally fat calves until I tried buying some cute knee-high boots a couple years ago. It was very disheartening. I feel your pain! Also, I've been telling myself that my calves are excessively muscular from all the cycling, hiking, etc.

  3. [...] Today the second round of my favorite new game “Boots for Chicks with Fat Calves” was set to happen. I ordered these boots this time: I know that these are not nearly as cute as these, but I figured that maybe less cute= more room in the calf. Don’t ask, the logic was flawless in my head. [...]