Wednesday, October 4, 2006

finally a night of sleep

Jparks has been sick now for a few days and instead of doing something silly, like going to the doctor, he kept insisting that he is "strong like an ox" and refused to admit defeat. I've been giving him a steady dose of Nyquil every night and either he is a mutant or previously drank Nyquil for shits and giggles, because it does not knock him out like it should. Like I hoped it would. Why god, why does it not knock him out???

Last night jparks ended up sleeping in a sitting up-ish position because when he's upright he coughs less. And I get to sleep more, so it was a win-win situation all around. But a night of uncomfortable sleep positions was finally enough to get him to call a doctor and make an appointment for this afternoon. I think a little piece of jparks died when he made that appointment, but dammit, my man is growing up into a reasonable adult.

After diagnosing him with a sinus infection, he was sent on his way with antibiotics and cough syrup laced with codeine. When I heard the news I was excited. More than excited. Finally a drug that would put him out for a few hours. He would sleep, cough free, and I would sleep, and together we would be happy.

Except the codeine didn't knock him out. Seriously, what kind of human freak did I marry? I guess I should be happy though, because if codeine doesn't knock you out, it makes you hyper. But jparks wasn't really hyper, unless you count the rabid fire randomness spewing from his mouth. Had he been hyper I might have had to kick him out onto the mean streets of Sunnyvale.

At least the syrup quiets his cough, but if he won't sleep tonight I'm taking a bat to his head. Probably a metal one so it doesn't break upon contacting with his skull.


  1. You married a man whose college friends called him "Crack Monkey." Emphasis on the "CRACK."

    Hope you feel better soon, Jason.

  2. Ha! jparks too? Alicia and I have both been flattened by a Cold from Hell. Coincidence? Methinks one of the corsetted wenches had something catchy. Makes for an authentic renaissance experience, I suppose...what with the pestilence and all.

  3. This means that if we lived in the Renaissance, Lauren and I would survived and eventually would have had to drag you guys out when they came around calling for our dead.

  4. I feel fine...I think I'll go for a walk...