Monday, October 23, 2006

game over

The third pair of boots for my fun game of BFCWFC came in and even though they were supposed to be extended calf, they didn't fit. I should have known better than to expect a real extended calf from J.Crew. Here they are, in case you are keeping track of all the styles I've ordered and tried on lately.

I was planning on giving up, calling off the game because it was becoming too tiresome, too embarrassing, too self esteem crushing, but then I made shopping plans with Linda and Kathy. When they found out I was about to give up they whipped me back into shape, complete with cries of "Winners never quit!" and "Knowing is half the battle!" or something like that. It was very inspirational either way.

We headed to Bloomingdales, where I attacked the shoe department with my head held high. If I was going to find boots then I had to think positive and have a good attitude. I found two pairs that were both cute and not overly expensive and one pair that I thought was cute, but the brand was more known for comfort and not for style. I mean, I thought the boot was cute, but maybe I was just so desperate that anything looked good to me now.

I tried on the first two pairs and, holy crap, they fit. They were tight in the top and loose in the ankle, but dang it I could get them zipped. I called Kathy and Linda over to witness the miracle and they then convinced me to try on the third pair, the comfort boot. Well, apparently Bloomingdales exists in some weird alternate universe because the third pair of boots fit as well. Seriously, they had three pairs of boots housed in their shoe department that fit, when I've been agonizing over this for how long now? I officially have a special place in my heart for Bloomingdales now.

I ended up getting the comfort boots because they were the more unique looking out of the three pairs, and they were comfortable (surprising, eh?). So here they are, the winners of the Boot for Chicks with Fat Calves game:

The picture does not do them justice. They are really cute.

And, as a side note, the shoe department guy that was helping me suggested I buy whatever pair I like best and just have them stretched by a shoe repair place. Yeah, the solution to my problem was apparently that simple and obvious and I never even freaking thought of it. The shoe guy said he's seen women buy boots that were no where close to zipping and then they have them stretched and, viola, you have boots that zip. I feel like a big huge moron for not thinking of that months ago.


  1. wow, those are great! what brand? i need the elastic along the side because one calf o' mine is much larger than the other.

  2. Here's a link to them on online shoes. And the elastic part is like scuba gear material, so you can snorkel in them.

  3. so now that you know you can stretch the boots, does that mean you'll go buy the first pair you liked as an "experiment" in boot stretching, but also keeping this pair just in case the stretching doesn't work? you'd get two pairs in the name of scientific experimentation!

  4. oh man, that's a good idea. I wonder if jparks would go for it...

  5. it's logical and scientific.... surely he wouldn't stand in the way of science and progress (note subtle sarcasm......)

  6. I am a bit skeptical of the "boot stretching" idea. I think shoe sales people tell you that just to get you to buy more boots.

  7. I don't know, I think I believe it. I mean boots are leather and leather does stretch.

  8. you could find a shoemaker and ask if it's really a possibility... before you go buy the original pair....

  9. I agree w/ Kathy. I'd definitely take the to The Shoe Guy and ask before "taking the tags off" so to speak. Also, beware of stretching any boot that also has a fabric lining....won't work there. Anyway, the boots you got are super cool!!