Friday, October 27, 2006

Maybe I'll find a computer in Epcot with internet

I just called the hotel (don't call a Disney Resort a hotel while on the phone with a Disney employee, they'll correct you. Every single time you say hotel they. will. correct. you. You can't win this test of wills Ms. Disney Employee, I'm going to call it a hotel and you can't stop me) to find out if the hotel(!) has internet access. The chipper answer was "Yes, and it's even high speed!" But when I asked if it was free, the tone in her voice changed. It turned a lot less chipper, as she explained that it's $9.95 for 24 hours.

$10 a day for internet! That is such a rip off. Disney is mega stupid rich and they can't provide free wi-fi to their hotel guests? Maybe I'm making wrong assumptions and it's not 24 hours as in noon to noon, but 24 hours that ticks down for every hour you are logged in.

Anyway, I guess this is just my way of saying I might not be able to post as much as I planned. I'm still going to try to post daily, but unless someone wants to send me $50 for internet access, it might not happen. The weather better be beautiful to make up for this crap.

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  1. At our hotel in Berlin it cost about $6 for half an hour and $13 for two hours! And no, it wasn't cummulative. Ohhhh no!