Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a post a day keeps the doctor away

The end of October is nigh and it's time I talk about NaBloPoMo. Besides being something really fun to say, NaBloPoMo is a made up holiday by this obviously insane funny lady. Basically by adding the participant button to my blog I've vowed to make a post a day, every day in November. Not that there is a NaBloPoMo Police Squad watching and checking for a new post every day. So easy to cheat...Must resist temptation...

Normally posting daily would not be a problem but jparks and I leave for DisneyWorld on Saturday and I'm not sure how the internet access is there. And then we have whole days this month where we'll be stuck in airports traveling (home from Disney and to NOLA for Thanksgiving). Maybe I can write up some posts and save them for those days, you know charming stories of my childhood and other crap. Or maybe I'll tell you all about how I wore all black in high school and was total goth. Wow, I have so many options.

So, keep an eye on this blog all month, weekends included, for new posts. New posts about the same old crap.

FYI: If you can't see the participant button, the it's time you download firefox. And if you don't want to download firefox, then the hell with you. Kidding, just scroll towads the bottom of this page and you'll see many wonderous things you've been missing on my blog.

1 comment:

  1. I vote camp stories for fillers.

    Although, your high school goth stories sound good as well...