Tuesday, October 24, 2006

taking orders

Tonight I had my first sewing class. Why am I taking a sewing class? Because I didn't take home ec in high school. I didn't even realize home ec was an option. If you were in the gifted classes you don't get to take useful classes like home ec, you get to take fun classes like Biology II AP, because that'll totally be useful when I need some pants hemmed or when my kids want Halloween costumes made. Thank god I dissected that rat in high school, that knowledge has come in so handy.

Anyway, tonight I went to my first class and picked out my very first pattern to sew. It's a super cute clutch. Tiny and easy. If it comes out well I'm going to make another in a black fabric for holiday parties. And then I'm going to make one for every person I know for Christmas. Even the guys. Get your color requests in now.*

*Please note that just because you get a request in doesn't guarantee you a clutch. I am known for being lazy and only half completing projects. Check out my rubbermaid knitting crate for proof of my laziness.


  1. That's great news. My eye sight is so bad I can't sew anymore. I'll just start sending you my clothes that need altering. Pay back for years upon years of shortening your pants!

  2. It's your own fault you had to shorten my pants, you created a short child. You should have chosen a taller mate.

  3. [...] Remember my sewing class? Remember the cute, easy clutch everyone was going to get for Christmas? I’ll be lucky if I can have one completed anytime soon, much less Christmas gifts for all. It turns out I picked a really bad pattern with really bad instructions. Our instructor told me I get a medal if I complete the clutch. I’m not holding my breath for that damn metal. [...]