Tuesday, October 17, 2006

this must be jparks week

I guess since his birthday is on Sunday, I've unintentionaly made this week jparks week on my blog. Yay for the birth of my husband.

Today the second round of my favorite new game "Boots for Chicks with Fat Calves" was set to happen. I ordered these boots this time:
I know that these are not nearly as cute as these, but I figured that maybe less cute= more room in the calf. Don't ask, the logic was flawless in my head.

Anyway, they arrived at the apartment today but were delivered to the leasing office. I knew I wouldn't be home before the office closed and therefore would not have my boots today. Jparks was planning on climbing after work and wouldn't be home before the office closed either. Sad me, no boots.

I wanted to call jparks and ask him to go to the leasing office before the gym but he had people with him and I didn't want him to drag said people all over Sunnyvale. So I just quietly accepted I would have to wait another day for my boots.

But when jparks came home he had my boots with him! Without me having to ask he went to the leasing office before the gym and got my package. He loves me and knows how important it is to get this round of "Boots for Chicks with Fat Calves" (hereout known as BFCWFC) played. When he does things like this it makes me forgive him for all the farting he does in bed at night.

And in case you're wondering these stupid boots didn't fit either. I have a third pair coming tomorrow. If those don't fit we move into super double overtime in BFCWFC. That round involves me going to the mall and trying on every pair of boots starting at one department store and working my way all the way down to the other department store. Bottom floor and top floor in between each department store included. And while doing that I'll be wearing a shirt that says "Girls with fat calves need boots too". Sigh, this is a tiring game.


  1. Where did you order them from? I finally got frustrated and Googled "fat calf boots" over the weekend and found a site that looks promising. The part that seems difficult is that they tie the size of the calf to the size of your foot. So if you have a reasonably non-monster sized foot, like say a 7, you're SOL for very very wide calf boots. Luckily I have size 10 pontoons.

  2. I've ordered two pairs from online shoes.com and they weren't wide calf, I just thought maybe I could squeeze into them. The second pair I could get zipped but they pushed all my fat to the top creating some awesome calf cleavage. The third pair are from J.Crew but they are labeled "for wide calves" so hopefully they will work.

    And I'm only a size 7 so I do have that issue of width to size ratio.

  3. if you got a pair that lace up ( and they have plenty this season that are yummy) you might have better luck....

  4. [...] The third pair of boots for my fun game of BFCWFC came in and even though they were supposed to be extended calf, they didn’t fit. I should have known better than to expect a real extended calf from J.Crew. Here they are, in case you are keeping track of all the styles I’ve ordered and tried on lately. [...]