Monday, November 20, 2006

clothes for sale!

The other day jparks mentioned that maybe I should go through my closet and get rid of some of the things I don't wear. My face must have fallen into a look of pure horror because he immediately assured me that he knows I have things in there that he never sees me wearing.

Normally when it's time to purge the closet, I just pile everything together and bring it to Goodwill, but recently some friends were discussing selling clothes on ebay and thought I might give that a try. So last night I laid some shirts on the kitchen floor and took pictures of each one. I then did the same thing for some pants and skirts. It turns out photographing clothing on your kitchen floor is harder than I thought. Most of the pictures had my shadow in them, or Tangi appeared in the corner. I'll just have to make it clear in the item description that the cat is not included. Or can be included for the right price.

After getting the pictures to come out halfway decent I realized I had another hurdle to overcome: pricing. Most of the things I'm selling are nice, normally expensive things. Shirts from Eddie Bauer, American Eagle, pants from Ann Taylor Loft and skirts from the Gap. I don't want to overcharge, but at the same time I don't want to sell stuff for $1.00. The one shirt I have listed (which I shouldn't have done, because the auction ends while I'm in NOLA, making it impossible for me to ship the item out quickly. ooops) has a starting bid of $3.00. I don't think that's too high, but no one has bid on it yet, so maybe it should be lower. Or maybe I just did such a lame job describing the shirt no one thinks enough of it to place a bid. Or maybe I described the shirt just fine, but it's too ugly for anyone but me to buy. Or maybe people do want to buy it, but they are waiting until the very last minute to start bidding and this will escalate into a huge bidding war and the shirt will end up selling for way more than I paid for it.

This selling stuff on ebay is hard. My friends made it sound easy, but now I see that either they are liars, or I'm a moron. Damn, I hate having it pointed out that I'm a moron.


  1. I've thought about doing this but I determined early on that I was way too lazy. I had also wondered what the success might be of creating lots of either all the same kinds of items (like - 5 pairs of pants, all size 12) or as outfits ("a great outfit for work!").

  2. Yes, selling stuff on Ebay is kind of hard. I haven't tried to sell used clothing (or shoes) on Ebay, so I can't give you advice on that. As for outfits vs lots, I don't think outfits would work. I'd much rather buy a lot of three pairs of size 12 jeans than jeans and a top. Maybe I'm the same size as you on bottom but not on top, or maybe I don't like the top, etc...

  3. Let me know how that goes because I was thinking of doing the same thing... :X