Sunday, November 5, 2006

drinking lots of fluids

I figured out that the blahness yesterday was due to illness. I went to the Urgent Care Clinic this morning and found out it's not a bacterial infection, so no antibiotics needed. It's a viral invasion, so lots of over the counter drugs, fluids, and rest were prescribed.

Now the drugs and fluids are not a problem but rest, well rest is something that's unheard of when married to jparks. He tries to let me rest and relax but it just doesn't work. Today my plan is to lay on the couch, watch tv, and not do anything. Jparks has planned to try to keep to himself today, but I sense the breaking point coming soon. He's played on the computer, shuffled his game cards, and watched tv on and off, there's not much left for him to do but to come over here and annoy me for attention. I guess I should rest while I can. (I can guarantee that as soon as he reads this he'll come over and annoy me for saying he's annoying. I guess I'm creating my own destiny.)

On another note the doctor at the Urgent Care Clinic was not the best doctor I've ever had. I have a history of finding doctors that lack in people skills and this guy was no different. After performing the exam he told me I had a viral infection and there was no reason for me to come to the clinic. Thanks doc, I feel like crap, I had no idea this didn't require antibiotics so I came to you for help. My bad. But after rattling off the list of OTC's I needed to buy, the doctor said "It's best to take all of the medicines I suggested because if you don't it could turn into a bacterial infection and you would need a prescription." Oh, wait, if I don't take your advice then I might need a prescription? Your advice that I had to come here to get? But I thought I didn't need to come to the clinic for this. Stupid asshat doctor.


  1. Yuck! Feel better soon!!!

  2. Sorry you're feeling crappy. I hate to side w/ the crappy doctor, but rest is probably the best thing for making you better. That and Thai chicken lemongrass soup. They put magical flu healers in it. Probably illegal but it always works for me.

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