Monday, November 13, 2006

the drugs have failed me

Remember when I thought I was getting sick? And that mean doctor told me to just take over the counter drugs and drink lots of water? Well, he's a moron.

I've been so hopped up on various cold medicines that I woke up on Saturday morning and wandered around my apartment wondering what had happened to the past week. I knew I had done things, but they seemed really distant and vague. I had to check my blog to make sure I had been posting all week. After confirming I hadn't slept thought the past week I felt a little better, a little more human.

The thing about taking all of the OTC drugs was that none of them were making me feel better. Yeah, Nyquil knocked me out and I slept, but it didn't make my congestion budge. The Mucinex didn't make the mucus form a conga line and dance out of my chest the way the commercial promised. The Sudafed would have been better used if I had made a meth lab instead of taking it as directed.

And then last night I started feeling worse than I had all week. The sinus congestion had become so severe that I felt like I had been hit in the face with a baseball bat. And then this morning the snot started. The green snot, which screams "Ha, you have an infection and can't get to the doctor today!" The snot that goes shooting across the room when I sneeze. The snot that makes me clutch a Kleenex so tightly it's shredded in my hands before I can ever use it.

When I get sick, it's not a small thing that shall pass with a little chicken soup and some rest. No, when I get sick, it's a long drawn out illness that makes me scared to venture out in public for fear I might sneeze and drown people in the sea of snot that I'm sure to produce. It's an illness that comes with a cough so loud and menacing people run from me, scared I'll hack my lung up onto their shoes.

I have another doctor appointment tomorrow morning, with my normal doctor. I have faith he'll give me some drugs to kick this infection onto its ass.

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  1. Sorry to hear you are still sick. That blows. I hope you get feeling well soon. And try some Thai Chicken Soup (that Tom Yum/Kah Gai stuff), they put magic cold & flu fighter in it that I'm sure are illegal....I think it's related to the lemongrass and I swear it'll make you feel better.