Tuesday, November 28, 2006

hairy situation

Can we talk about my unshaven legs for a minute? Yes? Great!

I can't remember the last time I shaved my legs. I know it's been a while but the exact date of the last shaving eludes me. Maybe it was when we went to DisneyWorld, so the end of October. There is no reason why I've held out on shaving them, just a combination of laziness and laziness. I have to wake up an extra 15 minutes early to shave and 15 minutes is a lifetime when we are talking about sleep.

But its been so long since I last shaved that if I were to shave my legs in the morning I would easily have to wake up an extra 45(!) minutes early. No way in hell is that happening. Why 45 minutes? I'm assuming the thick leg hair would be too much for a normal razor and I would have to use jparks' head shaver first to thin the field. And then chase that with my regular razor. Hmmm, is 45 minutes even going to be enough time?

I could just shave at night, but then I've got stubble in the morning and I might as well not shaved. (this is actually not true at all, I shave and don't have stubble for a few days. I'm just to lazy to shave at night)

I guess I'm lucky because jparks doesn't care much about the length of hair on my legs. I think as long as it's shorter than his he's okay with it. And mostly I wear pants to work and that contains the hair so my coworkers aren't scared. If I have to wear a skirt (as I'm doing today) I wear knee high boots and make sure the skirt and boots overlap.

I think I'll have to break down and shave on Friday for jparks' company's Holiday Party. I can't show up in a super cute cocktail dress with hairy legs. That would just ruin the look.


  1. On a sidenote, that's how we tell who's single and who's not. It's actually extremely effective. :)

  2. You've obviously never been to all-girls Catholic high school.

    We've got more hair than a pack of wild gorillas.

  3. people that are single shave or don't shave?

  4. Don't, haha. But I get the best of both worlds.

  5. People that are single don't shave?!? I would think they would need to as it's hard to find a boyfriend when you're hairy.

    I don't have to shave thanks to jparks. It's just another good reason to be married.

  6. You should check out the Bic Oct-Tung razor.