Wednesday, November 15, 2006

halfway done!

Here we are halfway done with this stupid NaBloPoMo and I'm still going strong. Is it weird or wrong that every time I use the Randomizer and discover a blog where someone missed a day, I want to report them to Fussy, great leader of NaBloPoMo, protector of our sacred month of posting. I want them shamed and banned from playing our reindeer games. I mentally shake a finger at them. But I'm not mean enough to actually report folks.

I'm so not mean that yesterday when a moron parked so close to me at work that I had to enter my car through the passenger side door, I decided to write him a note expressing my gratitude for this. I called this person an idiot and said just how much I appreciated him parking on top of my car, when the rest of the lot was empty. I put said note on his windshield and went to grab dinner. While at dinner I decided that I needed to go back and get the note because it was really rude of me to leave it. (never mind that it was rude of the moron to park that close to me) When I got back to the lot the guy was gone. Which means he got my note and I felt really badly all night. And into today. And I'll still feel baldy about it tomorrow. And for a while after that. Stupid guilt.

I could only get squeeze between the cars sideways and the door would only open a little bit, not nearly enough for me to fit in:

And see how empty the lot was! He could have parked at least one spot over:


  1. ...or the back of it anyway...

    ...I'm just going to stop before this goes any further.

  2. my car is totally sexy. You should see it when the top is down. Oh baby...

  3. That guy is a total jackass. He deserved the note. I did the same thing recently to a chucklehead who parked too close to our car. He had a Stanford sticker on his car, too, so I thought about saying "Did they teach you how to park like that at Stanford?" Instead, I just put, "Nice parking job, dummy!" or something like that. You should not feel bad at all about the note. All butt heads who park their gas-guzzling monstrosities too close to our normal-size cars deserve a nasty note at the very least!

  4. I had the same thing happen the other day. A mini Cooper parked within inches, really inches, from my drivers side door. I had to climb in from the passenger side, in a suit, in heels, over the console, to get to the drivers seat. Guess I've really chilled in the last few years. There was a time that the only solution would have been to key the bastard.

  5. Dude. After the "cottage cheese legs," "yellow thong," "redneck... slut" post, leaving a note on the car of an idiot makes you look like Cinderella.

    I've been tempted to leave similar notes on the windshields of people who I see park in handicapped spots without handicapped plates or placards, then bound happily out of their cars into the store. That makes me angry. It makes me angrier remembering driving my grandma to the store, seeing several similar cars clogging up every single handicapped spot, then having to help my grandma walk halfway across a parking lot because she didn't want to wait for me to go into the store and get a wheelchair then go back to the car.

    And I've had to climb into my car from the passenger side once too, but only because there was a hella gnarly bug on the driver's side window and it freaked me out.