Wednesday, November 8, 2006

I'll know God reads my blog if this happens

Now that Brit has finally signed up for one of them fancy divorce things from K-Fed, I can only hope and pray that Justin Timberlake leaves Cameron Diaz, rides in on his white horse, marries Britney, and becomes the father that those two babies deserve.

I'm sorry Cameron, but I think you look like E.T. in a blonde wig and everyone knows Justin has always had feelings for Brit. It's their destiny to be together, you've just been the rebound woman all this time. I'm sorry to be the person that you hear this from, but someone had to give you a warning of what's to come. You can try to make Justin jealous after he dumps you by dating other people (hey, I hear K-Fed's available) but don't expect it to work, Brit and Justin are the real thing. Their love is a classic love, a beautiful love deeply rooted in all things good and pure like the Mickey Mouse Club and unicorns.


  1. No way they're breaking up?! First Rumsfeld and then Britney? I miss so much news in school...

  2. I think it's funny that Justin just came out with a song about marriage when Cameron's been an avid marriage hater for a while.

    I think it's sad that I know these things.

  3. So who's going to me Federline's next baby mamma?