Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm lovin' it

Today I treated myself to a Happy Meal for lunch. I know I'm a bit out of the Happy Meal's target audience, but they really are the perfect McDonald's selection. It's not so big that I feel all greasy and disgusting afterwards, but still enough food to fill me up. Plus, you get a toy!

What, you don't see the appeal of a toy? I find that Happy Meal toys are (mostly) the perfect thing to take pictures of. You can pose them in all kinds of stupid ways and they don't complain. You can take a million shots of the same pose and they won't get whiny about being tired.

By the time I got home tonight with my new toy, the sun was setting and it was almost too dark to take pictures. Most of the ones I took came out really blurry but I did have one where I placed the camera on the ground and got a halfway clear shot. Maybe tomorrow I'll get to take Sid out for another photo shoot.

Hey! Ho! Let's Go!

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