Saturday, November 4, 2006

it's been one of those days

Today was our first day back from vacation and I don't know if I have post-vacation blues, PMS, or am just starting to get sick (there was a guy in the row behind us on the plane that kept coughing, snotting, and doing that gross thing people do when they snort to rake the snot from their throats and hack it up. I could see the germs floating in the air. I've since taken about 3 Airborne tablets in the hopes that I won't catch his disease, but I'm starting to think it's not helping) but today I've been feeling a little blah.

I tried to remedy this with a trip to the post office to collect our week's worth of mail, but the post office was closed. I then traveled to the mall to visit the new Lush that was supposed to open in October. I figured I would grab a few bath treats and that would help brighten my mood, but apparently I was confused and "Opening in October" means opening in November, or whenever the hell we get around to it. I then went to Banana Republic, Old Navy, the Gap, and Ann Taylor Loft only to discover that none of them had a single item that caught my attention. Eddie Bauer, also known as the store for 45 year-old women and lesbians, did have some skirts I liked, which depressed me far more than the other stores not having anything.

After that much disappointment I knew I needed a surefire pick me up. So I drove home, grabbed jparks, and we went to see Borat. A couple hours of extreme laughing fits later, I still feel kinda down, but at least I was able to laugh through some of the blues.

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  1. Sometimes I actually get the "throw the Jew down the well" song stuck in my head.