Friday, November 10, 2006

the reason I don't have people over

I have a confession that my Mom will read and think "I knew she would grow to be that kind of person."

My apartment is a mess. It's such a mess that a maid would walk in, disappear into the abyss of crap all over the floor, and never been heard from again. Well, that's assuming the maid could even get in the door.

Since we got home from vacation the apartment has gone from mostly clean to every closet and cabinet exploded and their contents landed on the floor. My hallway looks like a graveyard of bras, they're all thrown of the floor, waiting for me to stumble out of bed one morning, hook my foot in a strap, trip, and give myself another concussion. The kitchen in a wasteland of empty soda cans waiting to be carried down to the recycling bin. The bathroom is home to a hairball that's so big, I thought it was one of my pets and tried to pet it the other day.

I bet you're wondering why I just don't clean up. Why I don't just hunker down and get it over with. If it only were that easy. Life keeps getting in the way of me cleaning. Sewing class on Tuesday night. Book group Wednesday. Warriors game last night. Book signing tonight. Maybe on Saturday I'll have time. Maybe.


  1. Okay Regan I need you to send me all the boots that you tried on...because I need boots for girls with skinny let's go with, girls with toothpick ankles that are so skinny they look like they'll break if I stand up on them...yeah, went on a boot hunt today and it's depressing how they don't really stay up on my legs and they are baggy in the ankles...I couldn't even find a pair that was a little baggy, to the point that I could deal with it by wearing thick socks, no they all looked bad!!! Oh! and my house is a mess too...screw work and everything else, we should have one day a week set aside so we can clean our houses so we can function like normal human beings.

  2. You should look for boots that aren't supposed to be tight. Those are made for girls like you.

  3. You clean up after yourself???...... not in this lifetime.

  4. I started to clean some last night, but then I started feeling more sick and the couch looked so comfy...