Wednesday, November 29, 2006

save me from divorce

How are you saving me from divorce? By buying this for me:

I neeeed it. I waaaaant it. I am utterly and hopelessly in lurve with it. And if I buy it jparks is sure to divorce me immediately.

Don't get me wrong, it's not overly expensive (it's a little expensive, but not overly), and jparks won't understand or see my need for it. He'll say "You have enough cardigans and sweaters, you don't neeeed that one too."

But he'll be so wrong. And every night I spend without it in my closet I'll cry a single, sad tear.

So come on, click here and buy me this sweater in a size medium. Because you don't want to see me get divorced over something so trivial, do you?

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  1. H! thanks for the comment on my site. I left you a message there because there was a wee bit of hubablub to get a pw here... and I was impatient. Anyhow I like your blog, fun fun fun.