Sunday, November 26, 2006

saying thanks

Jparks and I are home from NOLA and as a thank you for letting us stay with him, we left Jeremy, jparks' brother, some new man panties. And took all of his boxers back with us to California. And boy, are those man panties something special. We left an assortment in lavenders, pinks, neon yellows, oranges, and teals. Some had unicorns on them, some rainbow colored butterflies, and some had cute sayings like "I love my mom" or "Just call me tiny" right across the crotch.

Man, when Jeremy goes to get dressed in the morning and finds his new man panties he is going to be sooo grateful. I bet he won't even be able to come up with words for how happy he is.



  1. OMG that's hysterical! You guys are so wrong.

  2. wrong? no, it was a nice gift.

  3. So, so thoughtful. Has he called to thank you yet?

  4. no he hasn't called. I think his response is going to be not to call all upset, you know giving the exact opposite reaction I'm expecting.