Thursday, November 16, 2006

sew close to being done

Remember my sewing class? Remember the cute, easy clutch everyone was going to get for Christmas? I'll be lucky if I can have one completed anytime soon, much less Christmas gifts for all. It turns out I picked a really bad pattern with really bad instructions. Our instructor told me I get a medal if I complete the clutch. I'm not holding my breath for that damn metal.

This is eventually going to be the strap that keeps my clutch closed:

All I have left to do is attach the guts of the clutch (check it out, I made a pocket):

To this, the outside of the clutch:

As much as I dread going to class I am actually thinking of buying a sewing machine. Maybe for Christmas next year everyone will get a cute clutch. Because, you know, by then I'll have become a sewing master.



  1. Typically, the bigger the item, the easier it is to sew. Maybe you could make me a mumu for next year.

  2. You should get a medal for doing all of that without a sewing machine. o.o

  3. You get to use one of the store's machines when you take the class. But if I ever want to make anything ever again I need my own machine.

  4. Oh thank god. haha.

    We just bought a new one over the summer and I made a dress! :)

  5. I like going to sewing class just to look at the pretty fabric!

  6. you take really nice pictures regan. the one of the different fabrics is especially nice. :)