Friday, December 8, 2006

dear santa,

This year I have been really good. I moved to California and I married jparks, both with minimal bitching. If anything earns me a sweet present that second thing is surely it.

See I'm not really feeling the Holiday vibe this year. Last year I really wanted a tree and had to settle for an ornament tree. This year I don't have any desire for a tree; I haven't even brought out the ornament tree. I was tempted to buy a hot pink tinsel mini tree just for the awesomeness of it, but Lauren stopped me (you should check her as naughty on your list because of that). I had the best plans of decking Lily out in Holiday attire and taking a picture of her for some Christmas cards, but that idea died quickly.

I'm not sure why I'm feeling so unfestive, but that shouldn't stop you from bringing me gifts. In fact, my unfestiveness should motivate you to bring me more gifts than usual, you know, to help get me in the Holiday spirit. To help you out I'm including a list, in no particular order, of things I would like to receive.

1. Fleur de Lis Silver Charm bracelet from Mignon Faget
2. Nikon SB-600 speedlight flash
3. a sewing machine
4. Banana Republic gift card
5. I need some stuff moved from my main blog page to its own page. Could you hook me up?
6. A bookstore gift card
7. I guess a Wii, which is more of a gift for jparks, but once he gets one, he'll shut up about not having one and that sweet, sweet silence will be a gift for me.
8. ummm, cash for all the things I'm forgetting I want

So there you have it Santa. Now get to work on that list and make me feel some joy for this blasted Holiday season.

Bah Humbug,


  1. so the funny thing is I wrote an entry very similar to this, but blogger and I are having issues....
    I hope santa is very good to you, and equally as good to me!

  2. we used to have a fiber optic christmas tree:
    i got it "free" with the door gym i bought joe one year!

  3. I have that speedlight 600 flash and love it. I'd recommend asking Santa for a Sto-fen to go w/ it. (light diffuser).