Sunday, December 3, 2006

dudes, seriously...

I am not a shoe whore! I can live quite happily with the shoes I have. I'm not buying shoes for 90 days to show that I can be an adult and save money when needed. Not because jparks and I have been living on government cheese and ramen noodles, that we have to heat up over candles because I bought shoes rather than pay the energy bill. Trust me, we have not hit anywhere near that low of a point in our lives. Our cheese is still name brand and we just really like ramen noodles.

On another note, we have agreed that as long as I don't spend money from our checking account, then gift cards and gifts are fine after January 15th (otherwise known as the halfway point). Jparks and I feel this is a fair compromise between our sets of rules. And it's long enough to save the money to get our energy turned back on.


  1. Well I was supportin' ya on the being able to get shoes whenever argument. What if you get gift certificates for Christmas? You'll have to wait like 3 weeks? Three. Weeks. That's cruel and unusual punishment....

  2. thank you for supporting me!

    I think I was just sending the impression that I can't help but buy every pair of shoes I encounter, when that is not the case at all.