Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hep Alien

Last night, at the Guns N' Roses concert (hell yeah, you read that correctly, we went and saw Guns N' Motherfuckin' Roses and it ROCKED!) Sebastian Bach was one of the three opening acts. Before he took the stage everyone in our suite was discussing where they know him from (generally Skid Row) and what songs they hoped he would sing. As this discussion went on jparks seemed to not recognize any of the song titles people suggested and he also seemed to have a serious deficit of Skid Row knowledge. It wasn't until Mr. Bach took the stage that a light bulb went off over jparks' head:

"I know that guy! He's on Gilmore Girls!"

Ah yes, that's my husband; seriously lacking hard rock knowledge but very up to date on chick television shows.


  1. Check out my blog post on the concert -- especially the last link:

  2. Holy crap, now that is hilarious.

    What is with the Gilmore Girls and dudes liking it? He's not the only guy I know that likes that show. Strange. The chicks aren't even all that hot.

  3. Hey--where are the pics?

  4. they're coming. Really they didn't come out all that great...