Wednesday, December 6, 2006

hmph, figures

Awhile ago I was telling a friend of mine that I really needed some black ballet flats. The problem was not finding them, it was the fact that I didn't want to pay $60 or more for ballet flats. I mean, come on, a ballet flat is not much of a shoe, how is it okay to charge more than $25 for them? I never bought black ballet flats because I never found a decent pair, at a price point I could live with. And now to tease me the universe has created the perfect black ballet flats, in patent leather!, for only $14.99.

$14.99 people! That's even less than I think these shoes should be priced.
black ballet flat

But since the universe hates me, these shoes have been sent to me during my 90 days of shoe sobriety. And to make matters even worse, these shoes are from Payless and they are doing Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off. I could potentially get two pairs of shoes for under $25. I know Payless shoes are not the greatest things in the world, but ballet flats are ballet flats are ballet flats. Who cares if the inside doesn't say "Steve Madden", I only paid half of what he charges!

So there it is, my first hurdle into shoe sobriety: the shoe I've been hunting for 5 months or so, sitting right within reach. And I'm going to have to resist. dammit.


  1. Oh that sucks, but uhm, thanks for the tip? I have white satin ballet flats and they aren't always appropriate and I have been looking for some also, which aren't crazy priced. Also, white satin, shows dirt, a lot!

  2. you know if you really wanted to be cleaver and have a friend you trust. Have said friend buy them now, then after your 90 days you could buy them from the friend. Therefore you don't technically buy them during your 90 days. Of course Jason will probably hate me giving you ideas.

  3. Buy and stash. :)

    Sneaky sneaky...

  4. wow, that is a good deal! i tend to follow the buy n' stash technique of sneaky shoe acquisition, but this obviously has its flaws, especially when your husband finds said stash. plus, by the time you whip out your 60-day-old shoes to wear, they never have that "yay, brand new, happy day!" feeling. i bet there will be lots of cheap ballet flats after your shoe buying hiatus.

  5. How do you buy shoes without Joe knowing? jparks keeps a close eye on our checking account and credit cards and will know the minute I buy a pair of shoes that I have done so.