Friday, December 15, 2006

leading everyone to believe I have an addictive personality

I remember when I got my first Nintendo for Christmas. I probably only wanted it because my older brother so wanted one and whatever he wanted, I wanted too. I think it was 1988 and I'm still not sure how my grandparents managed to get their hands on, not one, but two Nintendos for my brother and I, but they some how did it. I remember Justin and I spent Christmas day glued to the tv shooting ducks and running on the Power Pad (by running I mean using our hands to hit the pad. You go faster and burn less calories this way).

I might not have understood before receiving the Nintendo why I needed it, but once I got my hands wrapped around a controller I understood perfectly. I could be an Italian man running into tubes and battling owl-looking goombas all to save a princess! This rocked my world like you'll never know.

After Christmas my Nintendo migrated to my house and into my bedroom. This was probably the worst possible place for it, as I loved playing it more than I liked anything else. Go outside?!? Are you kidding me? My Nintendo is in here.

At this time my bedtime was early, as it should be for an 8 year old, and I remember shutting the bedroom door and then, being super sneaky, turning on the tv with no sound and playing Mario for god knows how long. One night my mom walked past the door when I stupidly forgot to close it all the way and caught me, controller in hand, eyes glazed over, happily playing games all night long. I'm pretty sure that's why the Nintendo relocated to the living room and I started to play way less and my Mom got hooked on Zelda.

Jump ahead 18 years and I've given up on game systems. I have a PS2 but other than Guitar Hero, I don't really play it. I have a PSP but have been greatly disappointed in the games available for it. I'm a simple girl, I like Mario style game, not games where I get a giant dildo to hit people over the head with in police stations. I figured I had just finally out grown all the game systems on the market.

That was until jparks bought me the Nintendo DS Lite for Christmas (I know it's not Christmas yet, but he buys things and just gives them to me early). I am now hopelessly addicted to video games again. It seems that the system was possibly created for kids and has lots of game titles that interest me. I haven't even had it a week yet and I all ready own New Super Mario Bros., Super Princess Peach, and Big Brain Academy.

The thing about my rekindled love of video games is that I've transformed back into a clammy handed 8 year old that can't put the DS down for fear that when I pick it back up my mad Bowser killing skillz will have disappeared. Must keep playing or else the Princess will never be free!

Once I realized I was growing a game dependency, I decided tried to be better about playing it at stupid times. Stupid times include: while waiting in the checkout line at Target, while I'm eating lunch, while I'm on the phone with people, and while I'm sitting at red lights.

Other than those times, you can probably find me with the DS clutched in my hands, eyes glazed over, with a dedicated look on my face. Save the Princess, Save the World

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  1. I can't judge. I've certainly spent a good deal of my life lately staring intently at a Tetris game on my phone.

    Passes the time on the toilet rather effectively.