Thursday, December 7, 2006

why I'm not a party planner

Back in October I threw jparks a bitching birthday party. We had a wine tasting and picnic at a vineyard in Saratoga and much fun was had by all. Now my birthday is creeping up and trying to figure out what to do for it is really becoming a pain in the ass.

Originally I wanted to have a climbing party but it is going to be way more expensive than I expected. So that idea has been scrapped, which sucks, because that's what I really wanted to do.

Next I was thinking bowling party. Except in my head all bowling allies are Rock and Bowl which means you can't NOT have a good time. In reality no other bowling ally is Rock and Bowl and I'm thinking bowling is going to stink.

Shouldn't planning a party be easy? In fact, since it's my birthday, shouldn't someone else be planning it for me? I should just be required to show up somewhere, someone should hand me a cocktail, and much fun will be had by all. Why can't it be that easy?


  1. what's rock n' bowl? is that like disco bowling?

  2. Not disco bowling, but still fun.

    It's a dumpy bowling alley in NOLA that has live music and swing dance lessons. It's hard to just walk in and get a lane, but even if you're not bowling it's still fun.