Friday, December 1, 2006

working towards sobriety

Jparks has decided that [number edited out until the Guess the Number of Pairs of Shoes I own game is over] pairs of shoes is too much and that I need to work towards 90 days of shoe sobriety. I agreed to this at first, but last night, as we laid down the rules for this test of my willpower, I had second thoughts. Jparks' rules were unreal, there was no way I could stick to them. Basically, I wanted out before we even started.

Jparks' rules state that I was in no way allowed to acquire shoes over the next 90 days. My rules state that I'm not allowed to spend our money on shoes, but if presented with a Nordstrom's or other store gift certificate I can use that, but only that, to purchase shoes. Likewise, if a friend says "Hey, I have a pair of size 7 shoes that don't fit me, would you like them for free?" I'm allowed to take those shoes.

I thought the whole point of this 90 days with no new shoes was about saving the money that I would normally spend on shoes. Jparks thinks the point is about breaking an addiction. An addiction that I don't mind breaking, but realistically the holidays and my birthday are coming up and its pretty likely I'll get some gift certificates. I think I should be allowed to spend those gift certificates as I please, as long as I don't spend more than their amounts on shoes.

So I'm putting it to you folks: Am I wrong and it should be no shoes, not even if they are free from a friend? Or is jparks wrong and I should be allowed to accept gifts of shoes and gift certificates around the holidays.


  1. Hmmm, well I think the real answer to that question is another question: Is jparks really in a position to be setting up rules for you on compulsive behavior and addiction? Answer that and you'll solve your query.

  2. It's okay now thawed out enough and we made it to the store...I bought a 12 pack!! of toilet paper that is...

  3. I think that if you are saving money and you aren't spending it on shoes then you should be able to get free ones. However if your achillies is shoes, but you don't have a big binge elsewhere in your life, ie. cosmos or in Adam's case video games, then I don't think having a shoe habit is bad. But alas, this argument of mine, which I have argued on several occasions is always being condemned by he who claims to love me.

  4. Buying shoes has two possible negative effects: costing money you can't afford and taking up space you don't have. That's it. It's not like they're a controlled substance, like coffee or cigarettes. So there should be no problem with you getting free shoes. Unless you don't have room for them. In which case the only valid rule for jparks to try to enforce would be that you have to give away or sell one pair for each pair you acquire.

  5. The issue is not space, we are still okay on that front. It's also not like I'm buying Jimmy Choo's and we are starving because of it. I can agree to not purchasing shoes, but dammit, the internets have spoken! Gift cards and free shoes are okay.

  6. If a crack whore got a gift certificate for crack, would she be allowed to spend that gift certificate on crack?

    If it's about breaking an addiction and addressing compulsive buying behavior, no shoes, period. If it's about saving money, gift certificates are okay.