Tuesday, January 30, 2007

hey bandwagon, wait up! I'm trying to jump on

Recently the blogging world (note it's not the blog-o-sphere as that phrase sends jparks' into a long winded rant about how he hates the phrase and all that it stands for) has been taken over by the Five Things post that everyone seems to be doing.

What is the Five Things post? It's a meme (don't ask me, I still haven't figured out what meme stands for) where you reveal Five Things no one knows about you on your blog. Miranda tagged me and I am going to accept the challenge of doing this, but I'm not sure what people know about me and what people don't know. So if I'm just stating old news, then oops, my bad.

1. I always wanted to get married, but when I was planning my first wedding (I was engaged before jparks, I know some of you know that, but some may not) I could not picture the actual wedding part of it, the part where my fiancé and I stood up in front of people and said "I do". I encountered the same thing when jparks and I started wedding planning, so I knew it wasn't a cold feet issue. I just couldn't imagine standing in front of a bunch of people and exchanging vows, it seemed too private to share. I could, however, picture us (us being jparks and I) eloping, so that's what we did. It worked out well for us.

2. Some other things I've never been able to picture happening to me include walking across the stage for high school graduation (I came down with chicken pox two days before the ceremony and had to miss it) and graduating from college (that's looking like a long shot right now). I seem to have a solid grasp on what I will do and what I will never do.

3. Most times I cannot picture myself as a parent. I hope I'm wrong about that one.

4. I think I dress like a stay at home mom that never ventures out of the house to that foreign place called a mall. This is sad really, since I love clothes and even have a subscription to a magazine dedicated to shopping.

5. I see nothing in ink blot tests. Nothing. I'm pretty sure this means I lack an imagination, which might also explain why I have trouble imagining myself in various life situations.

I'm only going to tag jparks to do this mainly because I want to know what secrets he might produce.


  1. Hey, what's the matter with dressing like a stay at home mom? They manage to wear jeans, at least. If I had it my way, it would be sweat pants for everyone! (the kind with the elastic at the cuff)

  2. There's nothing wrong with dressing like a stay at home mom, except you know, I'm not a stay at home mom. I'm a young, hip (heh, yeah hip) person and I totally don't dress the part.

  3. Ahh, Lucky... what a great time-consumer.