Thursday, January 18, 2007

I don't even recognize myself

When we first started rock climbing I absolutely, under no circumstances wanted to be hanging from a rope. I was willing to try to climb the wall, but was not going to risk making any moves that might cause me to fall. This lasted many a couple of weeks and then I realized "crap, I'm never going to climb the harder routes unless I grow up and take some risks." Next thing I knew, I was perfectly capable of hanging from a rope and not peeing, out of fear, on everyone below me.

Well, I've apparently become so comfortable with the idea of hanging from ropes that I'm making the next logical step and taking trapeze lessons. Oh yeah, I'm going this Saturday for my first trapeze lesson; during which I've been promised that they'll get me hanging upside down by my knees.

I really don't know what I was thinking when I called and signed up for the class. My guess is that the part of my brain that controls rational thought has ceased to function thanks to a lack of nutrients since joining weight watchers.

Unfortunately jparks has a dorklord Dragonlord event on Saturday and will not be there to take pictures as I gracefully glide through the air. Or, what is probably more likely to happen, to capture the look of "OH. FUCK. I just puked in my mouth and want down RIGHT. THIS. FUCKING SECOND." that is sure to be plastered across my face.

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  1. The beautiful thing about gravity is that you can get down right that fucking second. And you don't even have to ask. :)