Friday, January 12, 2007

I learned a few things last night at the Justin Timberlake concert:

1. Justin can really dance. I mean, I knew he could dance, but seeing him live made me realize he can really dance

2. Teenage girls, when put into one arena, can form a scream-like noise that will crawl into your head and leave a mark forever visible on cat scans. You'll be 80 years-old and the doctors will know that you once went to a Justin Timberlake concert.

3. Teenage girls, when given the chance to be under the same roof as Justin Timberlake, will dress as skanky as humanly possible. You know, just in case he wanders off the stage, past the floor crowd, and into the cheap seats, these 13 year-old will be ready to seduce him.

4. My small digital camera has video capabilities. Really crappy video capabilities, but video capabilities none the less.

5. I can't hold a video camera steady.

6. Even from a distance, Justin Timberlake is hot.

Frickin' laser beams:


  1. YAY Happy Birthday. And ya know? Yesterday was Chachi's birthday too! He turned one, and to celebrate, he had his nut chopped off, and then they poked around in him to find the other. You can say that he is less happy about his birthday than you. Also, I was at the Pavillion the night before (The Sharks lost) and I wondered what they were going to do with all of the ice, and I decided that I wanted to see Pink. How was she?
    And Happy Birthday again. 27 was fun. I remember it fondly.

  2. That's a negative on the pregnancy comment...give me like 5 years. but can i get a WHO DAT for them saints! i was freaking out watching the game, seriously im still shaking.

  3. Deadra- Pink was good. She did this cirque de soleil thing where at the end of her set she climbed a piece of fabric, sat on another girl, and twirled while signing. Very interesting.

    Sequoia- Who do they play now?

  4. Chicago at Chicago...if seattle would have won, which they almost did, they would have played at the dome again...dang it...