Wednesday, January 31, 2007

recycling my way to Blogher

Last year I went to the Blogher conference because it was conveniently located in my backyard. This year I would love to attend again, but they uprooted the conference and moved it across the country to Chicago. Thanks to them moving the conference, the cost will be more than just admission; I'll have airfare, food, and lodgings to consider. Today I spent a chunk of time scheming ways to pay for the trip: pole dancing? haven't lost enough weight yet. Not buying new spring clothes? hehe, sure. Selling a kidney on craigslist? They've banned human organ sales. It seemed that for every good idea I had there was a reason why it could never work.

That was until my light bulb finally went off and I saw the solution to my financial woes. Recycling! What?!? That's right folks, recycling is how I'm going to attend Blogher in Chicago.

Here in California we pay a fee, in addition to the selling price, when purchasing beverages in cans and bottles. This was a foreign, confusing concept for me when we first arrived, but now I've grown used to it and am no longer confused as to why my receipt has a CRV line (At first I thought I was slowly making payments towards a Honda). Right now jparks and I throw our recyclables into the bins in our apartment building's garage and let them deal with towing them to the recycling center. By doing this we are losing money, money that we've all ready shelled out simply to enjoy that can of diet coke, but I just wrote it off as the cost of being lazy. I'm no longer going to, literally, throw money away, especially since they've just raised the amounts you can get for bottles and cans.

So, starting immediately, in the Parks' household all cans and bottles will be rinsed and then brought to our local recycling facility. There I will happily collect my handful of change and set it aside for Blogher. The conference is not until the end of July, so I hope to have enough recycling money set aside by then. And I'm not above accepting bottles and cans from folks that are like the old me, way too lazy to bring them in themselves.

Wish me luck!


  1. Did you see the episode of Penn and Teller's "Bullshit" show about recycling? According to them most of the crap that's typically recycled, except for aluminum, costs more energy and money than stuffing it in a landfill and making new stuff costs.

  2. Drew- I love the "Bullshit" I've only seen a handful of episodes and the recycling one was one of those. Very good. I have the entire series in my Netflix queue since I suspect jparks will like the show.

    Sequoia- I thought people that studied rocks and the earth were hippies. People that write papers on pollution and how it affects ancient pyramids.

  3. well you know...they recycle too, so by default, you are now qualified as a rock lovin hippie, welcome to the club!

  4. When I found out that blogher was down here, I was so freeking excited. Then I found out that all of the day one tickets were gone, and I was way to chicken to go on my own for day 2. And now that it's in Chicago, I swore to myself that I was going to go. (Except I have to check when it is, so many weddings this year!) ANYHOW, I'll know you! YAY.
    Also just a little aside, I meant to click on your blog on my favorites list and clicked on another and they were talking about being pregnant, and I thought it was you. And it seems every time I think someone is pregnant they end up being pregnant.... just thought I would share that with you....

  5. Well, I'm about to end your streak of getting folks pregnant by thinking they are pregnant.