Sunday, January 21, 2007

with the greatest of ease

I had trapeze class yesterday and I survived! And I've even signed up for 9 more classes. Apparently, having the shit scared out of me is something I enjoy.

The woman that spoke to me when I made my reservation explained that by the end of the class I would be hanging from the trapeze by my knees. When she said by the end of class it seems she meant "by the first 5 minutes of class". Seriously, you show up, they hoist you onto a low bar, and you hang from your knees. Then, a minute later, you climb up a ladder and are on a small platform grabbing the trapeze. Seconds after this, you're jumping off the platform, flying through the air, and trying to get your legs onto the bar.

I was not successful the first two times. Finally, on my third swing I was able to get my legs over the bar and my hands free. The secret is that you really can't think about how stupid or scary it is to jump off the platform (you have a safety wire on but it's not very comforting when you're high in the air on that platform). My head was swimming with fear, my palms so sweaty I kept having to chalk up, and my knees so weak I can't remember how I climbed the ladder, but once I stopped thinking about it I was (kinda) okay.

Did I mention that when you're on the platform, if you don't jump when the instructor says "hep" he kinda gives you a gentle nudge (read as: a kick in the ass) and knocks you off the platform. Yeah, I was "nudged" every time it was my turn.

Having a hard time envisioning exactly what hanging from one's knees looked like? As I mentioned jparks was not at this class to take pictures and the girl that I handed my camera to didn't take very many or very good pictures. I searched you tube and found these videos of people taking classes at the gym I attend, but these are not videos of me. Next week jparks is taking the class with me and we'll get some footage but until then you can check these out to see exactly what I was doing.

This video is of a catch, which I completed on my first try. I didn't think I could do it, but I did and was very proud. And again, this is not me, just someone doing what I did.

Yesterday the class didn't seem like much of a workout but today I can see I was wrong. I'm sore all across my back, in my abs, and my arms. But it's a good sore. It's a sore that says I'm proud that I overcame a fear and got a good workout at the same time.

Plus, I didn't puke on anyone and that makes me proud too.


  1. Girl you are certifiable, as in certifiably crazy! OK not really. I am a wee jelous. But I don't think I'll be going to do that anytime soon. I still get a little nervous when I climb the tall walls in the gym! Oh I remember the first climb I did when I was taking the belaying class and how the room started getting all blury.... not fun!
    Also how is wordpress to use? Adam mentioned it to me the other day and I thought that you ran it. Blogger is making me less than happy lately....

  2. Trust me, when I was on that platform I could not form a logical thought. It was like my brain had turned to mush and was going to ooze out of my ear. And that's why the guy had to kick me off.

    I like wordpress. I used blogger for about a minute and then moved here. So far I've had very little trouble with it. Really jparks set it all up for me and explained to me how to use it, so he's the expert.

  3. That is so freakin awesome! Can I come and watch and take pictures at one of your classes?

    I think I would possibly be up for trying this some time, but I think I'll have to wait 7-8 months, since they probably frown on starting the lessons while pregnant.

  4. everyone is more than welcome to come watch me fly trough the air!

    And I'm thinking it would pretty darn hard to get your legs over the bar while prenant, but once you pop that kid out, this is a sure fire way to lose the weight.

    There is a BART station near the gym too...

  5. friggin crazy!!!!! looks so fun, though. don't your palms get really sweaty, though, and doesn't that make it hard to grip the bars? do they give you chalk? when you fall, is it scary? is that net below really safe? oh my god, i am having heart palpitations just imagining it.

  6. I was the only one that had to chalk up since I get really sweaty palms when I think about jumping off a platform.

    It's not scary if you fall because, not only do you have the net, but a instructor pulls the safety ropes to slow you down. It's just scary being up that high and thinking about swinging on the trapeze.