Thursday, February 15, 2007

2007 is the year of the injury

Growing up I was never the kid at the top of the monkey bars or climbing trees. This also means I was never the kid with skinned up knees or broken bones. And while some might think this means I had a sheltered childhood, I can say I honestly loved sitting inside my safe, warm house reading all 528 Babysitter Club Books.

And I have remained relatively injury free right up until this year. It started when, during one trapeze class, I fell into the net landing just slightly on my head. I sat up and told jparks "oh, that hurt my neck a little" but didn't think anything of it. By the time we got home I could barely turn my head. By the time we went to bed I was in a lot of pain. The next day I went to the Urgent Care clinic where x-rays revealed that I needed some prescription strength Aleve and a heating pad. Three days later I was healed and able to look in both directions again.

Then, earlier this week, I jumped off the trapeze platform with my arms bent. The pull of my body weight jerked my arms straight and hurt my right shoulder. Again, I thought nothing of it, and took another swing. That swing hurt a bit more. But of course, I climbed back up to the platform for a third swing. After that I was done for the night and could barely lift my arm.

That last incident was only 3 days ago and somehow I've managed to hurt myself again. Tonight jparks and I had our first trampoline class (note to self: go buy a better bra. I am not ready for my Juggy audition) and during a timed jump off, I lost control and slammed my knee into my forehead. Not surprisingly this knocked me down and almost out. The good news is that the instructor said he didn't know people could fold in half like that. The bad news is I am a moron.

I could reduce my risk of injury by not taking any more trapeze or trampoline classes, but I really like both of them. I think from here out I'll just be more careful and maybe not trash talk as much. Did I mention that part? Each time I get hurt it's right after I trash talk to Jason. Tonight I called him a pussy and then karma made me hit my head.

Maybe, before I learn anything else, I should learn to keep my mouth shut. Or maybe jparks should stop being a pussy.


  1. Man, I rocked Babysitters Club books. I read all of them till somewhere in the 40s when I lost interest because I was 13 and too cool for that stuff - I had graduated to R.L. Stine.

  2. Or maybe you're just getting old.

    Hmm? Is it working? Am I getting a rise out of you?

    P.S. I took a trampoline class for a few months last year and LOVED it! It doesn't seem like hard work but when you wake up the next morning sore it's the best feeling!

  3. I may be old, but I can get into bars and have my own place. Being old rocks.

  4. You speak the truth.

    Give me... five days on the bar thing. ;)