Thursday, February 8, 2007

how much do I love this? a lot.


Reality TV star Anna Nicole Smith dies at 39

Okay, so I don't love that she's dead, I mean, I'm not evil. But I love that this woman was her own soap opera. She gives birth and her other child dies while visiting her in the hospital. THEN she marries Howard K. Stern, her attorney, but it's not legal because they married in the Bahamas (or some other foreign island country). THEN she claims Stern is the father of her new child, not the other guy that says the kid is his. THEN she refuses to have a DNA test performed on the baby. THEN she gets sued because the diet pill she was spokesperson for doesn't work. THEN she dies in the Hard Rock Hotel. And all of this happened in the past two weeks. (Or past few months, but whatever)

Seriously, has there ever been a celebrity with more drama? And I'm not even getting into the fact that she was a stripper and married some guy that was like 164 years old. And convinced her whole family to get tattoos of her on various parts of their body.

Good lord, I'm going to miss Anna Nicole.

[update] A judge just ordered her body to be preserved. PRESERVED! It's like she's Cleopatra. Will a mummified Anna Nicole be scarier than a living Anna Nicole?


  1. Hey, have you seen this headline yet???,2933,251147,00.html

    It made me laugh

  2. And he's a prince, too! Apparently, she wanted to be "just like Zsa Zsa."