Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I'm a dirty, dirty girl

This month's issue of Real Simple told me that don't have to wash my hair everyday. And if Real Simple says it, then it MUST be true, so today I skipped washing my hair.

Folks, you may not realize it, but me not washing my hair is big deal. I'm of the shampoo and condition every single day mentality (you can't shampoo and not condition, and why would you condition without shampooing?) If I skip a day my hair gets really gross and it bothers me. I'm compelled to play with it all day, which of course makes it much more disgusting. After a while I can't handle how gross it feels and I end up pulling it back into a ponytail, which is not the best solution, but it helps.

According to Real Simple, your scalp is used to producing a certain amount of oil and if you skip stripping it of the oil for a few days it will stop producing as much, which means eventually you can skip a day of hair washing and not look like a hobo. (longest sentence ever™) Today was my first day into Operation Hair Repair (my hair has seemed kinda 'over worked' lately and I'm hoping that by skipping some shampooing it'll get healthy again. Maybe even hold a hair color for longer than 3 days) and I lasted until about 10:30 before I was ready to rip out big chunks because it was so greasy and itchy and just disgusting. I finally had put my hair into a ponytail, which is jparks' favorite hair style on me and my least favorite.

Tomorrow I get to wash my hair, and I can't even begin to explain how exciting that is. Supposedly it takes a couple of weeks for your hair to lower its oil production so know that if you see me in these next few weeks and I have greasy hair and/or a ponytail, I'm clean. I swear I'm showering and wetting my hair, just not actually washing it.

Ugh, just writing about dirty hair is making my head itch. I wonder if I can try using baby powder to absorb the oil, or if that'll just make me look like I'm wearing a powdered wig. I really hope Operation Hair Repair works and I'm not torturing myself for nothing.

Please Real Simple, don't be wrong! I can't handle having my faith in you shaken.


  1. The baby powder on oily hair makes for a weird texture, and if you are a hair toucher it will drive you more crazy. However it does absorb the oilies. I tried once, it was horrible. Maybe it's meant to work on people with coarser hair than me?

  2. I also read this article and am curious to try it. Bumble and Bumble makes hair powders just for such an issue, you might want to try them - I think I will when I get the courage to try not shampooing myself.

  3. I've read that so many times and never had the courage to do it. My hair is pretty thin so I have a feeling I'd look like a drowned rat if I didn't wash my hair.

    I'm sure if you just use a deep conditioner or mask or whatever clever marketing name they want to give it once or twice a week, it'd be okay to wash your hair everyday.

  4. Stick with it. Within a week you will see rewards. Start by washing it every other day and then try for washing it 3 times a week regularly. I'm at 2. Get a cute hat and a natural shampoo. You may feel ugly/disgusting at times but later you can save the beauty for a more special occasion than the everyday and it will look better than ever. Good luck!