Saturday, February 17, 2007

my rent is about to go way up

Yesterday, after enduring 7 hours of horrible traffic, jparks and I arrived at the most amazing bed and breakfast I have ever stayed in. In honesty it's the only true b&b I've ever stayed in so it didn't have a lot of competition, but still the place is niiice.

We are staying in the Juliet room, and while it's a bit on the lavender side, I am completely enamored with it and its huge spa tub that I swam laps in last night. I told jparks that I would like to live in this place and he laughed this off as just another one of those things I say but don't mean, like "sure, I'll stop buying shoes" and "yeah, we'll have sex tonight"

But this time I mean it. I figured out that rent would be about $6200 per month. I'm still working out how we can afford that since it's more than we make each month, but I'm smart so I'll work something out. Maybe Lily can stop eating premium dog food and switch to store brand.

Now please excuse me, coffee and breakfast are being served downstairs and missing it would be a waste of my rent money.

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