Tuesday, February 13, 2007

twittering away

Yesterday I joined a new service (well, it's new to me) called Twitter which allows me to send short messages from my cell phone or AIM. The messages can then be received on my friends' cell phones, AIMs, or they can view them on my twitter page. (I'm doing a really poor job explaining this as I'm hopelessly untech savvy)

Thus far I only have two friends on Twitter, but I mainly signed up because this weekend jparks and I are going on vacation to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (did you hear that? It was jparks' balls falling off and hitting the ground) and I'm pretty sure that the b&b we're staying in doesn't have internet. But it does have a bath tub for two, so the lack of internet is forgiven.

And while the tub does help soothe the pain, not having internet leaves a void in my soul that Twitter can help fill. So grab an RSS feed to my Twitter page or sign up and add me as a friend. Either way, you'll never be without the latest Regan update or a rundown of whatever stupid thing jparks does next.

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