Monday, February 5, 2007

ugly shirt goes to town

Do you guys remember Ugly Shirt™? I'm not sure if I ever mentioned it, but Ugly Shirt's™ price finally dropped as low as it would ever go ($19.96, I think) and I bought it. I've had it hanging in the recesses of my closet since October waiting for the right reason to wear it out.

Saturday night that reason finally came: Professional Bull Riding or YEEHAWIN' as we liked to call it. A few girls and I were headed to the Oracle Arena to watch boys in tight Wrangler jeans ride 2000 pounds of meat bull and this event was just calling to Ugly Shirt™.

I had doubts as I pulled it out of the closet, but I must say, once Ugly Shirt™ was on, it looked good! Surprisingly good. And I didn't feel like a moron wearing it.

And since I promised that when I finally wore Ugly Shirt™ I would post pictures of it, here you go:

Ugly Shirt

I think I was lecturing jparks about how stupid I felt during this little photo session
Ugly Shirt

After the pictures were taken I pulled my hair back into pigtails, because nothing says country to me like pigtails.


  1. Ugly Shirt was great and all, but I think it was the pigtails that made the outfit come to life.

    Semi-related: I have learned that the name for cowboy groupies is "Buckle Bunnies". Hee. We hardly saw any of 'em, right?

  2. The pigtails were good but Ugly Shirt™ really surprised me. I thought I would feel like a moron wearing it, but I was okay. Maybe it was just because it was totally acceptable at Bull Riding and if I tried to ever wear it out anywhere else I would want to die.

    Buckle bunnies! That is awesome.

  3. Since you made fun of my pretty dress, I am tempted to make fun of your Ugly Shirt.

    However, I have more self-restraint than that. :O

  4. you don't want to make fun of it because you secretly like it. Sara is an Ugly Shirt™ lover.

  5. I love Ugly Shirt™, and it was absolutely perfect for the YEEHAWIN'! That guy in the next suite was makin' eyes at ya, and I'm sure it had everything to do with Ugly Shirt™. I felt totally inferior in my plain jane western shirt.

  6. Sara is not an Ugly Shirt lover.

    She is a Velvet Couch Dress lover. AND PROUD OF IT.